Our Programmes

Without any Government support or funding these are the programmes we run.
These are summarised below and you can DOWNLOAD  full details.


School There are nearly 200 pupils in the school, 100 of whom are orphans. We have 5 classes are with 8 teachers who work on voluntary basis – its humbling to see their dedication to the children rather other than their own personal needs.



OrphansKCAVOP supports 100 orphans providing materials, food, school uniforms, lunch at school and basic needs. Forty of the orphaned children were taken from the internally displaced camp of people (refugees) who were victims of tribal cleansing war in the post 2007 national elections.



Tailoring SchoolThe Vocational school started with 20 students learning tailoring and knitting. Most students had dropped out of secondary but now have a second chance to rebuild their lives having been given machines to start their own businesses.



water pumpTwo water pump boreholes were erected in two villages serving a community of nearly 3,000 per borehole as women used to walk long distance to fetching contaminated water. The borehole water is treated regularly and it has significantly reduced cases of typhoid in the surrounding communities.


Medical treatmentMalaria infection has been one of the most top contributor to ill health and mortality rate in this region. As well as treating the increase of Jiggers parasites, we have built a medical room that will be used for malaria prevention by supply of drugs and mosquito nets to children and


PlantingFood insecurity has always been a never ending problem affecting the young and the old. We leased 4.5 acres of land and planted maize and beans to sustain our orphanage and support the deprived ,neglected and elderly people in the community. This programme has been expanded to cover the internally displaced refugees who work on peoples farms for hand outs to survive. They will now be able to grow and harvest their own food and stop child labour that has kept the young ones way from school. We started a community garden (horticulture) on our Project land that will act as a demonstration centre that can be replicated in backyard gardens in each home.


Cow52% of the population in the county live bellow international poverty line of $1.25 per day. In Bungoma county where KCAVOP Operates the estimated total number of the poor in district is 452,986 (52 per cent) people who cannot afford a decent meal daily. We intend to start a poultry rearing project soon on our farm as an income generating project while acting as a pilot scheme to motivate others in the community to form small groups and we plan to get three more milk cows to help generate our income for the project.


EdinahAs well as support for the physically disabled by providing wheelchairs, we donate clothes to refugees who have no other means of support. The wheel chairs have helped people such as Edna who is now able to be wheeled around and see her environment after being housebound for 32 years in her home compound.



Annual events and other football activities have been a very successful story. The events are used to gather communities and target antisocial behaviour by engaging and empowering young people on issues of health, unemployment , identity and self worth.


  • To build boarding facility for the orphans
  • Build 3 more classrooms
  • Build a carpentry workshop
  • Expand poultry project
  • Cement all the 5 gaping (unprotected) water wells.
  • Buy materials for the tailoring school practices


Carpentry ToolsWe received a full set of carpentry tools that can be used to set up a modern workshop. There are so many boys in community that lack employable skills with some engaged in crime, drug abuse and anti-social behaviour. We intend to start the school of carpentry in 2014 as soon as the workshop is constructed giving a new lifeline and hope in life.