You can donate money online through our partner charity Charis Ministries.




If you prefer you can donate by bank transfer:

Account Name: Charis Ministries Kenya
Account Number: 00024316
Bank Branch Sort Code: 40-52-40
Bank Name: CAF Bank
Designation: Kenya


Giving quote

Here’s some practical examples of what we have already done with your donations and how you can help with building for the future. Please give  generously. 

  • £1 can buy a chick
  • £1 buys malaria prevention tabs for a whole month.
  • £2 buys material for tailoring school practices per student
  • £5 can buy mosquito net for a child or expectant mother
  • £7 buys 1 bag of mortar that makes 80 economy bricks
  • £8 buys 1iron sheet for roofing
  • £20 caters for all the needs of 1 child’s for a whole month including malaria prevention medication, food and education.
  • £50 helps treat 50 children/people with jigger parasite
  • £180 buys material to cement a gaping (open unprotected) water well.
  • £280 can help connect electricity to our tailoring workshop and project buildings.

Please help us, get in touch and give people a hand up not a hand out!

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