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Mak and MosesKCAVOP (Kitabisi Community Aid Victimised Orphans Programme) is a community based organization (CBO) Registered as a Charity in Kenya with the Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services under number 1130 CBO category (Community Based Organization).  We work in Bungoma County is located in Western Kenya along the border with Uganda.

KCAVOP was founded by Pastor Wanyonyi Makokha (Mak) who is a UK resident and Pastor Moses Murutu in March 2008 to give support to underprivileged children where they have been orphaned, abandoned, become destitute or street children. We also support deprived women and those who suffer domestic violence, unemployed farmers, homeless people and other vulnerable groups. We operate in an area where 15% of the children are orphans of which 6% are HIV and AIDS orphaned victims.


The community is in a vicious circle of deprivation, with lack of basic needs such as food, clothes, educational materials for children, necessity of medical assistance and the effects of HIV/AIDS (poor health, widows, widowers and orphans). We seek to restore hope through community based programmes that people may live to realise their potential in life.


KCAVOP TEAMWe have an effective group of people who bring their professional skills to the various projects that we do.  These include expertise in Agriculture, Child Care Development, Nursing, Masonry (building and construction), Fashion Design, Tailoring, Farming and Teaching.

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